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This note is designed by ‘Basics in Maths’ team. These notes to do help the TS intermediate Maths & Accountancy students fall in love with Maths (& Accountancy) and overcome the fear.

These notes cover all the topics covered in the TS I.P.E Maths & Accountancy syllabus and include plenty of formulae and concept to help you solve all the types of Inter  Maths & Accountancy problems asked in the I.P.E and entrance examinations.

Blue Prints:

MATHS 1A &1B Blueprints MATHS 2A &2B Blueprints

Concept Notes:


First Year

Second Year

Maths – IA Maths – IIA
Maths – IB Maths – IIB
Accountancy – I Accountancy – II


TS INTER MATHS ( 2020 – 2021)

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