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Maths Notes For TS First year Inter

TS First year Inter Maths Notes


TS 1st year Inter Maths Notes is designed by the  ‘Basics in Maths‘ team. These notes to do help the TS intermediate Maths & Accountancy students fall in love with Maths (& Accountancy) and overcome the fear.

These notes cover all the topics covered in the TS I.P.E Maths & Accountancy syllabus and include plenty of formulae and concept to help you solve all the types of Inter  Maths & Accountancy problems asked in the I.P.E and entrance examinations.

These Blueprints tell about how to given Marks Chapter wise.

Blue Prints:

MATHS 1A &1B BlueprintsMATHS 2A &2B Blueprints

Concept Notes:

First Year

Second Year

Maths – IAMaths – IIA
Maths – IBMaths – IIB
Accountancy – IAccountancy – II



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